Han lian cao 652 VK

Han Lian cao

  • Pharmaceutical name
    • Ecliptae Herba
  • Actions&Indications
    • nourish and tonify the Liver and Kidney yin
      • + Nu zhen zi as in er zhi wan
        blurred vision
        premature of greying hair
        looseness of the teeth
      • +sang shen(Mori Fructus)
        tonification for a long time
      • +huang jing and gou qi zi
        to accelerate the effectiveness of the tonification
    • cool the blood and stops bleeding
      • +che qian cao and bai mao gen
        blood in the urine
      • + di yu
        bloody stools
      • + e jiao and ai ye
        uterine bleeding
      • + ce bai ye
        vomiting of blood
      • + sheng di huang
        coughing of blood due to Lung yin deficiency
        vomiting of blood and blood in the urine due to hot blood
  • Commentary
    • sour coldness
      • cool the blood
      • stop bleeding
    • cold sweetness
      • benefit liver and kidney
        blacken the hair
  • Comparisons
    • nu zhen qi
      both herbs enrich kidney yin and augment the liver. nu zhen qi is slightly less tonifying than han lian cao, but it does possess the ability to cool heat due to yin deficiency and to brighten the eyes. Han lian cao so strongly nourish the liver and kidney yin that it blackens the hair,and also cools the blood to stop bleeding.
  • Traditional contraindication
    • loose stool
      • due to stomach weakness and clod from deficiency of kidney qi